Alex Fischer

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A General Impression, , scaled file for a unique 8½ × 11 inch digital print
Nervous System Preserver, , photo of unique 35 × 35 × 7 cm nylon digital print
Sarfati’s Walk, , scaled file for ed. of 5 17 × 17 inch giclée prints
Garden Spell, , scaled file for ed. of 5 17 × 17 inch giclée prints
Supersymmetry II, , map for unique 96 × 96 × 1½ inch 2 panel screen print on plexiglas
Untitled Head, , scaled file for unique 13⅖ × 14⅞ inch giclée print
Myrrha, , scaled file for ed. of 5 7½ × 9⅞ inch giclée prints
Brush Work, , scaled file for unique 12⅘ × 16 inch giclée print
Mangrove Down, , scaled files for unique 45¼ × 74¾ giclée print
Similar Image Object (B), , unique 55 × 24 × 15 inch screen print mirror with stand

I, Alex Fischer, am a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. My practice constitutes digital-image making as an extension of traditional artistic media. I combine painterly gestures, cutout photos, pencil-thin lines, and patterns on digital canvases all with a particular regard for the image's plural life as both a printed edition and JPEG.

In the fall of 2013, my third solo exhibition with O'Born Contemporary continued to expose an earnest reflection on being in the world today. In early 2014, I completed a digital workshop at OCAD University [video] and was featured in Angell Gallery's digitally-focused "Simulators II". This summer my work be exhibited in Art Mûr's 10th anniversary exhibition of "Peinture fraîche".

Unique museum quality prints of my work are available through O'Born Contemporary & Artsy. These works are also exhibited internationally & featured in noted collections.




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