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Alex Fischer's Portfolio


Alex Fischer, Visual Artist
Born ago in 1986.
Based in Toronto, Canada.

Fine art prints and originals are available through Circuit Gallery.


As a visual artist, I work on the frontier of expanded painting. This means that a riot of possible techniques and subjects are considered when working on a single piece. I practice a continuous reflexivity in order to address and critique the different psychological rationales and cultural schools of thought that history has provided. Working similarly to an abstract expressionist I layer and discover compositions through the creative process, one that coincides with what R.G. Collingwood described as "not expressing the unknown, but discovering the unknown."

I’m interested in painting specifically, as an object that bears a concrete, almost measurable evidence of labour on its surface. To develop these ideas, I use advanced digital image editing techniques to map out complex compositions. Essentially, I make images that blur the borders between media, challenge expectations, and let me enter into conversations about our culture and nature.

Paramount to all of this is an endeavour to engage audiences by making images that can seduce into contemplation both the naive glance and an informed critical gaze. I believe art can be a catalyst for making people aware of how perceptive they are already. The act of looking is all that is required.

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List of Works


  1. Ghost Horse Ghost Horse.jpg Ghost Horse framed.jpg
  2. Iron Lung Iron Lung install.jpg
  3. More than 700 More than 700 100 a.jpg More than 700 install.jpg
  4. Night Outside Night Outside.jpg
  5. Pet, Casper and Hesperie Pet, Casper and Hesperie.jpg Hesperie.jpg Pet wip.jpg
  6. Rocinante and Blue Rider Rocinante and Blue Rider.html Rocinante and Blue Rider.jpg Rocinante and Blue Rider install.jpg
  7. Season V Season V.jpg Season V install.jpg
  8. Thistlee Keeper Thistlee Keeper.jpg


  1. 000000 000000.jpg
  2. 0c.jpg
  3. 1, 7, and 6000 1 7 6000 install 1.jpg 1 7 6000 install 2.jpg 1 7 6000 install 3.jpg 1 7 6000 install 4.jpg 1 7 6000 install 5.jpg 1 7 6000 promo 1.jpg 1 7 6000 promo 2.jpg 1 7 6000 promo 3.jpg 1 7 6000 promo 4.jpg 1 7 6000 promo 5.jpg
  4. 1b 1b.jpg 1b mockup 1.jpg 1b mockup 2.jpg
  5. 3.jpg
  6. Blue Lemon Blue Lemon.jpg Blue Lemon print.jpg
  7. Bowl Bowl.jpg Bowl mockup.jpg
  8. Brown Lemon Brown Lemon.jpg Brown Lemon print.jpg
  9. HA.jpg
  10. My My Mind Vs Brain My My Mind Vs Brain.jpg My My Mind Vs Brain print.jpg
  11. Official Official.jpg Official mockup.jpg
  12. Real Safe Myth Real Safe Myth.jpg Real Safe Myth print.jpg
  13. Red Lemon Red Lemon.jpg Red Lemon print.jpg
  14. Sleepwalker Sleepwalker.jpg Sleepwalker print.jpg
  15. Untitled22 Untitled22.jpg Untitled22 print.jpg
  16. VII VII.jpg VII detail.jpg VII install 1.jpg VII install 2.jpg VII large.gif VII print.jpg VII print detail.jpg
  17. VII 6000 VII 6000.jpg VII 6000 1–120.jpg VII 6000 53, 173.jpg VII 6000 64, 65.jpg VII 6000 A1.jpg VII 6000 A2.jpg VII 6000 A3.jpg VII 6000 A4.jpg VII 6000 A5.jpg VII 6000 A6.jpg VII 6000 A7.jpg VII 6000 A8.jpg VII 6000 A9.jpg VII 6000 A10.jpg VII 6000 A11.jpg VII 6000 A12.jpg VII 6000 B1.jpg VII 6000 B2.jpg VII 6000 B3.jpg VII 6000 B4.jpg VII 6000 B5.jpg VII 6000 B6.jpg VII 6000 B7.jpg VII 6000 B8.jpg VII 6000 B9.jpg VII 6000 B10.jpg VII 6000 B11.jpg VII 6000 B12.jpg VII 6000 C1.jpg VII 6000 C2.jpg VII 6000 C3.jpg VII 6000 C4.jpg VII 6000 C5.jpg VII 6000 C6.jpg VII 6000 C7.jpg VII 6000 C8.jpg VII 6000 C9.jpg VII 6000 C10.jpg VII 6000 C11.jpg VII 6000 C12.jpg VII 6000 D1.jpg VII 6000 D2.jpg VII 6000 D3.jpg VII 6000 D4.jpg VII 6000 D5.jpg VII 6000 D6.jpg VII 6000 D7.jpg VII 6000 D8.jpg VII 6000 D9.jpg VII 6000 D10.jpg VII 6000 D11.jpg VII 6000 D12.jpg VII 6000 E1.jpg VII 6000 E2.jpg VII 6000 E3.jpg VII 6000 E4.jpg VII 6000 E5.jpg VII 6000 E6.jpg VII 6000 E7.jpg VII 6000 E8.jpg VII 6000 E9.jpg VII 6000 E10.jpg VII 6000 E11.jpg VII 6000 E12.jpg VII 6000 F1.jpg VII 6000 F2.jpg VII 6000 F3.jpg VII 6000 F4.jpg VII 6000 F5.jpg VII 6000 F6.jpg VII 6000 F7.jpg VII 6000 F8.jpg VII 6000 F9.jpg VII 6000 F10.jpg VII 6000 F11.jpg VII 6000 F12.jpg VII 6000 G1.jpg VII 6000 G2.jpg VII 6000 G3.jpg VII 6000 G4.jpg VII 6000 G5.jpg VII 6000 G6.jpg VII 6000 G7.jpg VII 6000 G8.jpg VII 6000 G9.jpg VII 6000 G10.jpg VII 6000 G11.jpg VII 6000 G12.jpg VII 6000 H1.jpg VII 6000 H2.jpg VII 6000 H3.jpg VII 6000 H4.jpg VII 6000 H5.jpg VII 6000 H6.jpg VII 6000 H7.jpg VII 6000 H8.jpg VII 6000 H9.jpg VII 6000 H10.jpg VII 6000 H11.jpg VII 6000 H12.jpg VII 6000 I1.jpg VII 6000 I2.jpg VII 6000 I3.jpg VII 6000 I4.jpg VII 6000 I5.jpg VII 6000 I6.jpg VII 6000 I7.jpg VII 6000 I8.jpg VII 6000 I9.jpg VII 6000 I10.jpg VII 6000 I11.jpg VII 6000 I12.jpg VII 6000 J1.jpg VII 6000 J2.jpg VII 6000 J3.jpg VII 6000 J4.jpg VII 6000 J5.jpg VII 6000 J6.jpg VII 6000 J7.jpg VII 6000 J8.jpg VII 6000 J9.jpg VII 6000 J10.jpg VII 6000 J11.jpg VII 6000 J12.jpg
  18. VII 6000 Arch VII 6000 arch.jpg VII 6000 arch reverse.jpg VII 6000 arch afternoon.jpg VII 6000 arch day.jpg VII 6000 arch detail a.jpg VII 6000 arch detail b.jpg VII 6000 arch detail c.jpg VII 6000 arch detail d.jpg VII 6000 arch detail e.jpg VII 6000 arch edit.jpg
  19. VII 冯声贵 Feng Shui Gui VII 冯声贵 Feng Shui Gui.jpg VII 冯声贵 Feng Shui Gui detail.jpg VII 冯声贵 Feng Shui Gui install.jpg
  20. VII 叶安 Ye An VII 叶安 Ye An.jpg VII 叶安 Ye An detail.jpg VII 叶安 Ye An install.jpg
  21. VII 林建 Lin Jian VII 林建 Lin Jian.jpg VII 林建 Lin Jian detail.jpg VII 林建 Lin Jian install.jpg
  22. VII 江明 Jiang Ming VII 江明 Jiang Ming.jpg VII 江明 Jiang Ming detail.jpg VII 江明 Jiang Ming install.jpg
  23. VII 陈山 Chen Shan VII 陈山 Chen Shan.jpg VII 陈山 Chen Shan detail.jpg VII 陈山 Chen Shan install.jpg
  24. VII 陈文波 Chen Wen Bo VII 陈文波 Chen Wen Bo.jpg VII 陈文波 Chen Wen Bo detail.jpg VII 陈文波 Chen Wen Bo install.jpg VII 陈文波 Chen Wen Bo evening light.jpg
  25. VII 陈秋林 Chen Qiu Lin VII 陈秋林 Chen Qiu Lin.jpg VII 陈秋林 Chen Qiu Lin detail.jpg VII 陈秋林 Chen Qiu Lin install.jpg
  26. Was A Fish Was A Fish.jpg Was A Fish mockup.jpg


  1. Angler.jpg
  2. Appear and Dance.jpg
  3. Aviary.jpg
  4. Dracula Dracula.jpg Dracula mockup.jpg
  5. Dreamer.jpg
  6. Garden Spell Garden Spell.jpg Garden Spell print.jpg
  7. George's Cuttlefish.jpg
  8. M M.jpg M print.jpg
  9. Moore Moore.jpg Moore clean.jpg Moore dirty.jpg Moore mockup 1.jpg Moore mockup 2.jpg
  10. On Cotton On Cotton.jpg On Cotton print.jpg
  11. Parlor.jpg
  12. Planet Print.jpg
  13. Shell.jpg
  14. Supersymmetry II Supersymmetry II.jpg Supersymmetry II mockup plexi.jpg Supersymmetry II mockup sintra.jpg
  15. Untitled14 Untitled14.jpg Untitled14 print.jpg
  16. Wish You Were Here.jpg
  17. Wizard Eyes.jpg


  1. A General Impression A General Impression.jpg A General Impression print.jpg A General Impression mockup.jpg
  2. A Head Of.jpg
  3. Ammonite Ammonite detail.jpg Ammonite install.jpg
  4. Brush Work Brush Work.jpg Brush Work print.jpg Brush Work mockup.jpg
  5. Disc Disc.jpg Disc detail.jpg Disc install.jpg Disc mockup.jpg
  6. Dry Pixels and Wet Molecules DP&WM 01.jpg DP&WM 02.jpg DP&WM 03.jpg DP&WM 04.jpg DP&WM 05.jpg DP&WM 06.jpg DP&WM 07.jpg DP&WM 08.jpg DP&WM 09.jpg DP&WM 10.jpg DP&WM 11.jpg DP&WM 12.jpg DP&WM 13.jpg DP&WM 14.jpg DP&WM 15.jpg
  7. Feather Feeder Feather Feeder.jpg Feather Feeder install.jpg Feather Feeder detail.jpg
  8. Flesh Fruit.jpg
  9. Follow.png
  10. Is Water Is Water.jpg Is Water print.jpg
  11. Jelly Portrait Jelly Portrait.jpg Jelly Portrait install.jpg Jelly Portrait mockup venice.jpg
  12. Lichen Lichen install.jpg Lichen install detail.jpg Lichen sketch.jpg
  13. Loop (Santiago) Loop (Santiago).jpg Loop (Santiago) print.jpg Loop pattern.jpg
  14. Markered Market.jpg
  15. Mouth Mouth.png Mouth.jpg Mouth mockup.jpg Mouth detail 1.png Mouth detail 2.png Mouth detail 3.png
  16. Nervous System Preserver Nervous System Preserver.jpg Nervous System Preserver install.jpg Nervous System Preserver install side.jpg Nervous System Preserver install gold.jpg
  17. Particle.png
  18. Read To Ooze Ready To Ooze.jpg Ready To Ooze install.jpg Ready To Ooze mockup.jpg
  19. Seeding Seeding.jpg Seeding print.jpg
  20. Shellfish Cells Shellfish Cells.jpg Shellfish Cells install.jpg
  21. Similar Image Object (B) Similar Image Object (B).jpg Similar Image Object (B) screen.jpg Similar Image Object (B) screen detail 1.jpg Similar Image Object (B) screen detail 2.png
  22. Untitled Head Untitled Head.jpg Untitled Head print.jpg


  1. Adobe Mask Adobe Mask.jpg Adobe Mask print.jpg Adobe Mask install.jpg Adobe Mask detail.jpg
  2. Artists Image Artists Image.jpg Artists Image print.jpg
  3. Beyond The Fall Beyond The Fall 1.jpg Beyond The Fall 2.jpg Beyond The Fall 3.jpg Beyond The Fall 4.jpg Beyond The Fall 5.jpg Beyond The Fall 6.jpg Beyond The Fall 7.jpg
  4. Big Blue.jpg
  5. bow.jpg
  6. Cell Pattern Cell Pattern.jpg Cell Pattern mockup.jpg
  7. Cell Pattern Clear Greens.jpg Clear Greens mockup.jpg
  8. Daily Daily.jpg Daily bus.jpg Daily poolside.jpg
  9. Cell Pattern Earlier.jpg Earlier print.jpg Earlier Up install.jpg
  10. Frankenstein.jpg
  11. Jame Jame.jpg Jame mockup.jpg
  12. Mangrove Down Mangrove Down.jpg Mangrove Down install.jpg Mangrove Down mockup.jpg
  13. Mangrove Up.jpg
  14. Of Course.jpg
  15. Straw Man Straw Man.jpg Straw Man print.jpg
  16. Supercollider.jpg
  17. Up Up.jpg Up framed.jpg
  18. Whale Brain Whale Brain.jpg Whale Brain detail.jpg


  1. Aurora Aurora.jpg Aurora print.jpg
  2. Batgirl.jpg
  3. Beyond The Fall.jpg
  4. Blackfoot Blackfoot.jpg Blackfoot print.jpg
  5. Bluenose Bluenose.jpg Bluenose print.jpg Bluenose mockup.jpg
  6. Island Island.jpg Island print.jpg Island install.jpg
  7. Kind Of Blue Kind Of Blue.jpg Kind of Blue mockup.jpg
  8. Myrrha Myrrha.jpg Myrrha print.jpg Myrrha install.jpg
  9. Paradise.jpg
  10. Parrots Parrots.jpg Parrots install.jpg
  11. Purple Jesus Purple Jesus.jpg Purple Jesus print.jpg
  12. The Infant and The Garden Hose.png
  13. Untitled Gaze.jpg


  1. Artists Retreat Artists Retreat.jpg Artists Retreat detail.jpg Artists Retreat print.jpg
  2. Body Of Eris Body Of Eris 1.jpg Body Of Eris 2.jpg Body Of Eris 3.jpg Body Of Eris 4.jpg Body Of Eris 5.jpg
  3. Bring Home the Bacon.jpg
  4. Cooks Cape.jpg
  5. Dweller.jpg
  6. Ed.jpg
  7. Figure Head Figure Head.jpg Figure Head detail.jpg Figure Head install.jpg
  8. Fungus Philosopher.jpg
  9. Good Grief Good Grief.jpg Good Grief detail.jpg Good Grief print.jpg
  10. Grandfather Wreath Grandfather Wreath.jpg Grandfather Wreath 1.jpg Grandfather Wreath 2.jpg
  11. Ground.jpg
  12. Knight Knight.jpg Knight 2.jpg Knight 3.jpg Knight 5.jpg
  13. Monster Mash.jpg
  14. Oregon Accidental.jpg
  15. Plans For A Home.jpg
  16. Salt Lake Schulnik.jpg
  17. Schulnik At Weiss Lake.jpg
  18. Smarter Today Smarter Today 1.jpg Smarter Today 2.jpg Smarter Today 3.jpg Smarter Today 4.jpg Smarter Today 5.jpg Smarter Today 6.jpg Smarter Today 7.jpg Smarter Today 8.jpg Smarter Today 9.jpg Smarter Today 10.jpg Smarter Today 11.jpg Smarter Today 12.jpg Smarter Today 13.jpg
  19. Spider From Venus Spider From Venus 1.jpg Spider From Venus 2.jpg Spider From Venus 3.jpg
  20. Teen Dream.jpg
  21. The Invisible Man Returns.jpg
  22. Three Fates Three Fates.jpg Three Fates detail.jpg Three Fates print.jpg
  23. Trouble on Volcano Sundae Trouble on Volcano Sundae.jpg Trouble on Volcano Sundae print.jpg
  24. Untitled Greens.jpg
  25. Venus Beach House.jpg


  1. Crewd Son Landscaping and Design.jpg
  2. Fischer's Garden.jpg
  3. Hilde-Brand Graffiti.jpg
  4. Julia waits at Kims Crag.jpg
  5. Our Ground.jpg
  6. Polyester Boat Polyester Boat.jpg Polyester Boat print.jpg
  7. Santiago Sarah Brown.jpg
  8. Sarfati's Walk.jpg
  9. Sarsen for the Mother of the Bride.jpg
  10. South West Esteem.jpg
  11. Stars 06.jpg
  12. Terra Cape.jpg
  13. Tethered To Soth.jpg
  14. Untitled (Stars 6).jpg
  15. We'll Watch Twin Peaks.jpg
  16. Williams Bridge.jpg